September 2021 – Present

Senior Consultant


Equinor Scientific Computing Team

  • Refactoring data-assimilation algorithms for reservoir engineering.
  • Developed the GraphSPME sparse precision estimation library.
  • Developed the Ensemble Information Filter and Smoother algorithms.

Norwegian Hull Club

  • Workshop on automatic and adaptive gradient tree boosting
January 2021 – Present

Adjunct Associate Professor

University of Bergen, Department of Mathematics

  • Research: Developing information theory for automatic ML-algorithms.
  • Teaching and seminars: Course development for actuarial and data-science courses.
  • Master student supervision.
September 2020 – August 2021

Data Scientist & Actuary


  • Translate business needs into mathematical (optimization) problems.
  • Advocate version control, code-standards, packaging, CI/CD, containerisation.
  • Introduced advanced regression techniques such as GBM and mixed effects GAM.
September 2017 – August 2020

PhD Candidate

University of Stavanger

Research areas:

  • Information theoretic gradient tree boosting: aGTBoost
  • Saddlepoint addjusted inversion of characteristic functions
June 2016 – August 2017



Responsibilities include:

  • Extraction, preprocessing, and analysis of large amounts of data
  • Pricing of products and risks
  • Analysis of customer behaviour
January 2015 – December 2017

Research assistant

University of Bergen

Hosted seminars in the “Kaggle club” at UiB

Teaching assistant:

  • STATLEARN: Statistical Learning
  • STAT220: Stochastic Processes
  • MAT102: Elementary Calculus II
  • STAT101: Elementary Statistics





Coffee & Code


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Adaptive and automatic gradient boosting computations


Using TMB to build the saddlepoint approximation.


Saddlepoint adjusted inversion of characteristic functions.

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Gradient boosting has been highly successful in machine-learning competitions for structured/tabular data since the introduction of …

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