Surfing the Web at Work

In my previous post, I mentioned my friend and previous co-worker at Tryg, Ole Schei, that is wonderfully meticulous, and has for some time quantified aspects of his life in a time-series format. This is, of course, a natural thing to do for an actuary. While we both worked at Tryg I was allowed to look at one of these time-series – the one containing detailed information about Ole’s web-surfing (for non work-related matters) at work.

The Modified Bessel function of the first kind and Automatic Differentiation

I was intending to write a longer blog-post about my favourite dataset of all time: the internet surf-times of a previous co-worker (and dear I say, friend? :) ). However, this will have to be delayed to another post, because in running some old TMB code, all optimisations collapsed. The old codes were built on a Linux computer around two years ago, so I first thought it was due to some difference in the operating systems, or that TMB had changed.